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Фарбування воріт з металу порошковою фарбою, користується заслуженим споживчим попитом. Це обумовлюється тим, що створене покриття:

- надійне;

- не вимагає оновлення;

- економічно вигідне.

Порошкова фарба екологічно безпечна, тому що при її використанні не відбувається випаровування органічних розчинників.

Також, порошкове фарбування воріт звільняє від необхідності грунтування поверхні і дає можливість надійно захистити метал від корозії, при цьому насолоджуючись ефектним декоративним покриттям. Потрібно зауважити, що достатньо лише одного шару фарби, щоб домогтися чудових властивостей покриття.

Використання цих фарб істотно знижує пожежну небезпеку і вибухонебезпечність, адже при роботі з ними не використовуються органічні розчинники, що значно покращує умови праці і виробничу культуру.

Полімерний склад фарби створює щільний захисний шар на металі. Ні дощ, ні сніг, ні аномальна спека, ніщо не порушить вашого спокою. Таким чином, підвищується зносостійкість і термін служби виробу. У разі ударів по хвіртці або воріт фарба не обсипається. Полотно залишається рівним і гладким.






Coloring of rolling door wardrobe furniture


Furnitura napravlyayushhie dlya shkafa kupe

Furniture treated with powder coating has an attractive appearance. The parameters of paints which are used in the powder coating give an opportunity to choose almost any color. The choice of either glossy or matte finishing coat enables you to create a unique style for the finished product. Powder coating is also useful to create different textures as a smooth or rough surface will make your furniture unique.

Details and products which are painted with powder not only have a beautiful appearance; they will also have better wear resistance. Another function of this technology is to increase protection from adverse external factors. Therefore, products remain in their original condition longer, and they are easier to clean.

The cost to color a rolling door wardrobe is advantageous to other methods of protection and provides an attractive appearance to small auxiliary details. This method is the most popular because it is the most economical way to provide quality finishing for furniture.



The polymeric (powder) painting of aluminum profile and other metal products is a modern technology, that makes it possible to give a unique operational characteristics for products. Nowdays, aluminum profile with a polymeric painting, is an extremely popular structural material, used, practically, in all spheres of the national economy.

The "UkrDekor" company offers a powder polymeric painting services according to RAL colors catalog for aluminum products.
Technology of aluminum powder painting processes includes: chemical surface preparation, drawing a powder covering on a surface of the aluminum shape and then at high temperature (200 ° C) it is baked in special polymerization oven.

Our equipment makes it possible to paint large-format metal products.
Polymeric painting will serve for many years without being exposed to sunlight and rainfall. This is all thanks to a special manufacturing process.


  The polymer coating is created on the basis of powder paint. It is a new environmentally friendly, non-waste technology. Nowdays, it is considered to be one of the best technologies for coating. In short, the technology can be described as follows: the powder paint is sprayed onto the surface of the article using an electrostatic field, then it is kept in special chambers at high temperature.

Рисунок3   In the last decade, powder painting technology is increasingly replacing traditional methods. About 15 percent of all products in the world are painted with this method. And the number is constantly increasing. What is the difference between powder paints and ordinary liquid paints? The main advantages of polymer coatings are their durability, strength and protective functions. A layer of elastic plastic with very high resistance is formed on the painted surface. That is thanks to the new technology. Office and home metal furniture, commercial equipment, sports equipment are just a few examples where polymer coatings have proven themselves.


Рисунок4Industrial painting with conventional liquid paints means controlling viscosity and adjusting it to the desired value. The use of powder paints excludes these complex operations, which ultimately provides economy and greater stability of the painting quality. Elimination of streaks on vertical surfaces and wrinkling of coatings during drying. The possibility of obtaining thick single-layer coatings (due to 100% dry matter content) instead of more expensive multilayer coatings in the case of liquid paints. There is also less shrinkage and porosity of the foam due to the absence of evaporation in the solvents.
Compared to conventional, organic-soluble paints and varnishes, polymer coatings are chemically resistant. They are highly resistant to solvents, alkalis, acids, gasoline, lubricating oils and other compounds.

They also have increased anticorrosive properties. Polymer coating can be affected without prejudice to the term of operation by the increased temperature, either constantly or periodically. The polymer coating is harmless. The new coloring technology eliminates environmental problems since flammable and toxic liquid solvents are not used. Just remember that everyone has powder-painted gas stoves and refrigerators at home.


Another significant advantage of powder paints is the almost boundless color palette, as well as shades and textures. The surface gains properties that during the using traditional technologies are unattainable or their costs is several times higher.For example, golden, silvery and aluminum metallics, fluorescent paints. There are also unusual shades: for example, a series of colors "antique" which will stylize a surface under ancient copper, bronze or silver objects. When painted, shades are controlled by the degree of gloss, forming glossy, matte and semi-matt surfaces. A variety of colors complement special effects - "moiré", "granite" and others.

RAL tinting system

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