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Coloring of rolling door wardrobe furniture


Furnitura napravlyayushhie dlya shkafa kupe

Furniture treated with powder coating has an attractive appearance. The parameters of paints which are used in the powder coating give an opportunity to choose almost any color. The choice of either glossy or matte finishing coat enables you to create a unique style for the finished product. Powder coating is also useful to create different textures as a smooth or rough surface will make your furniture unique.

Details and products which are painted with powder not only have a beautiful appearance; they will also have better wear resistance. Another function of this technology is to increase protection from adverse external factors. Therefore, products remain in their original condition longer, and they are easier to clean.

The cost to color a rolling door wardrobe is advantageous to other methods of protection and provides an attractive appearance to small auxiliary details. This method is the most popular because it is the most economical way to provide quality finishing for furniture.