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Рисунок11The painted surface should be protected from corrosion, as an unprotected surface is rapidly oxidized. Protection is achieved by chemical treatment (yellow chromating). During such processing, we utilize a yellow amorphous coating with a specific gravity of 0.1-1.0 g / m². This coating, as well as the solution for its implementation, contains hexavalent chromium. Due to excellent corrosion resistance, chromating can serve as the final protective coating of aluminum structures, but its main purpose is to prepare the surface for painting. It is recommended as a substrate for the powder coating system GUALICOAT. This process is widely used throughout the world.
Another important component of the chromating process is the drying temperature. The temperature should not exceed 70 degrees. At high temperatures, the water molecules in the chromate layer are lost, which is why the quality can be greatly reduced. There are two main options for chromating technology. The first of these is basic degreasing, and the second is acid degreasing.