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Even the most careful drivers cannot protect the wheels of their cars from damage. There are many reasons: discs change color under the influence of time and harsh weather, chips and cracks form after long drives in the city, and car accidents occur in which no one is insured. But the main reason why the wheels cannot maintain their presentable appearance is bad quality paints that are applied by the manufacturer. UkrDekor company will help return your alloy wheels to their original, shining appearance.

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What does the coloring process at UkrDekor look like?

UkrDekor uses high-quality paint and a rich color palette.
The company also employs world-class coloring technology found in leading factories.


Coloring alloy wheels occurs in several stages:

  • Surface preparation involves the removal of the old paint with a mixture of air blasting and abrasive techniques, followed by further washing with a special solution;
  • Degreasing and passivation of the disc's surface for better interlayer adhesion;
  • Surfacing of special glossy powder soil for alloy wheels;
  • After drying, a coating of special liquid paint is applied which is based on metallic pigments that are connected during mixing with particles of paint. Thus, a stable metallized layer is formed on the surface;
  • The last stage involves applying a coating of protective lacquer which provides protection against the external environment.

When each layer is coated, there will be a process of drying in a curing oven. This method to finish the coloring of alloy wheels has several advantages: paint is spread evenly on the surface, the low concentration of powder soil will add durability and make recycling possible. The surface will be impact-resistant and will not suffer from corrosion. Indeed, alloy wheel coloring from UkrDekor company is an opportunity to receive a high-quality service and a great way to save money.